As a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, I have spent many years exploring various areas of design. My career as a marketing director, space planner and graphic designer in New York's Union Square neighborhood gave me exposure to the most wonderfully interesting vibes and trends which have shaped my design aesthetic. My love of spatial relations in all facets of design make developing something from the scale of a business card to that of a banquet hall a thrill.


The Look?

Project designs are current, fresh and individualized to reflect each clients unique wishes. Whether creating party decor, design for the creative set, or a conventional career or business, every design is looked upon with one goal in mind - that it be "a departure from the ordinary."


So they say it's all about customization! Could this be true?

Yes. True it is. A "pick it from a template" business this is not! It is however, the place to have custom layouts created by an experienced designer. Cutting to the crux of the who and what you want represented in your design is largely in part to having a genuine interest in people. Once I get to know you, then hitting the creative sweet spot is a cinch.


Where do we go from here? I look forward to learning about your project goals and getting to know the "You" that will be showcased in your design package. 

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